Space Weather is a service that supports me through clear concise understanding of the cosmos. With this information so skillfully shared by Paramatma. I feel completely grounded and I can navigate these times more easfully and with a sense of being fully supported. Receiving the daily audios is a like having a personal connection with a master teacher. Paramatma gives cosmic intel that makes sense in both practical and mystical waves. It’s hard to put into words something that although so simple is truly and absolutely life changing.

In these intense times the information that Paramatma shares through Space Weather is like balm for my soul. It's like having enlightened support through her teachings her recommendations and her wisdom. I often feel a sigh of relief and inspired into action . I have worked one on one with Paramatma and I can say that the Space Weather is like having a private session with her. 

~ Carrie-Anne Moss

Paramatma's teachings span with ease 5,000 years of yogic experience and anchor me, alongside other creatives and visionaries, straight in Manhattan, year 2019. Timely, love-filled, sublime.

~ Lyla Turkedjiev

Paramatma Siri Sadhana's astrology and practice suggestions are pure gold pure light for the days of the nadir of the Kali Yug.  Arm yourselves with light practices! So beautiful, and useful for your weeks on earth. Exquisite, don't miss the opportunity. 

~ Ann Tracy

I love infusing my day with Paramatma Siri Sadhana's voice.  Her translation of the current Space Weather is my favorite way to download and contemplate important astrological movements. She includes relevant and digestible practices to best harness the current cosmic energies. Invaluable service to add to your personal tool kit in these times. 

~ Amanda Thompson

Space Weather Forecast is a treasure in my day.  Paramatma delivers clear intuitive planetary messages and tools to stay centered exactly in the timeline they are needed.  In today’s world they are needed!  It helps me raise up, hold space and gives me a deeper understanding. I am very grateful

~ Tilly Scott Pedersen

Are you ready for a regular dose of powerful transmissions that allow you to receive a new cosmic attunement each day? You probably already feel the emerging energy on the planet right now and listening to the space weather transmissions offers crystal clear language to what's going on, in addition to kriyas, sound currents, and cosmic intel to support your life and practice. Paramatma Siri Sadhana shares these insights like a dear friend who knows what you need to hear to thrive in the Aquarian Age. Each sentence speaks volumes, every word is a seed to grow a forest. The depth of the teachings are profound and can be accessed on many levels.

~ April McMurtry

When I think about Spaceweather Transmissions, I can’t help but think that these transmissions are keys that help us unlock the 5th Sutra of the Aquarian Age: Vibrate the cosmos. And the cosmos shall clear the path.

For me, Spaceweather Transmissions is really a daily practice of self-study where Paramatma helps guide you to honestly and authentically look at yourself, study yourself, in relation to the planetary positions of that day, through a potently chosen practice.

She synthesizes her deep knowledge of astrology and Kundalini Yoga, while tapping into healing spaces to create these transmissions for the collective. In my experience I’ve found that when I do the practices given, either deep healing or acceleration quickly occurs.

When you subscribe to Spaceweather Transmissions, you'll deepen your yogic and astrological knowledge, but more importantly you'll deepen your knowledge of yourself. And to know yourself deeply is a priceless gift.

~ Radhajeet Kaur

As a student and teacher, I am so grateful for Paramatma's Space Weather Service.  It is a five to fifteen minute burst of Light during the day that helps illuminate, examine, and enhance the experience of Kundalini Yoga and beyond. 

~ Richard Garrabrant

The Space Weather Transmissions have been such a powerful and grounding moment in my daily life. Hearing how the planets are aligning on that particular day, in addition to the eloquent downloads Paramatma is receiving, can be so useful in navigating the seas of life. I feel so blessed to have this resource.

~ Shiva Rose