Sit up straight, with the hands in Gyan Mudra. Inhale deeply and in a single breath chant:

This mantra is chanted as in a
normal major scale (DO RE MI FA… ) Begin with a low note to enable you to complete the nineteen components
of this mantra.
Inhale deeply and repeat. One cycle
takes about 15 seconds. This, Kriya
may be practiced for any legth of
time, the longer the better.

Complete Mantra:
Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Da Ni Sa Ta Na Ma Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung

Language: Sanskrit
Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Da Ni Sa: musical scale

Sa Ta Na Ma: Birth, life, death, rebirth, the panj shabad or five primal sounds

Ra: Sun

Ma: Moon

Da: Earth

Sa: Impersonal infinity

Sa Say: Totality of infinity

So: Personal sense of merger and identity

 Hung: The infinite vibrating and real. (So hung: I am Thou)

More Information:
This mantra is used in Kauri Kriya, a meditation in which the mantra is sung in ascending musical scales.  It is great for rainsg the kundalini and activating healing energy.

Kauri Kriya is a first step towards raising your energy from the lower to the higher centers. It will take the apana (eliminative
energy) into the prana (generative energy) region, balancing
and aiding in properly channeling these energies. Eventually,
prana and apana will both end up in Saraswati, the lotus of one-thousand petals. This will turn the chakra upside-down so the nectar will run out of it. “By virtue of the Nam the nectar starts dripping in me.”
This Kriya will give rhythm and melody to all your utterances. Any prayer that is lacking in these two areas will not be answered

Contained in this Kriya are mantras of the earth SA RE GA PA DHA NE SA; mantras of the ether SA TA NA ~ and the Siri Gatri mantra RA MA DHA SA SA SE SO HUNG. In ancient times, this kriya was practiced by large groups sitting under a single dome in concentric circles. A single person would sit in the middle and lead the chanting. Besides the effects of balancing the inflow and flow of energy, this kriya will make the glandular system secrete totally in the same way that it does on the 11th day of the new moon (a time of lunar fasting where no food or liquid is taken to potentiate the secretory process of the glands).

Paramatma Siri Sadhana